Friday, November 23, 2018

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Balancing the Body With the Gravitational Field of the Earth

Such true balance unlocks your full potential to live fully, excel in all areas of your life, and effectively achieve your goals. My career — since 1981 — is dedicated to facilitating self-discovery and the development of full human potential.

Rolf Structural Integration is the definitive approach to bring the body structure into alignment with gravity. It gives you the master key to resolving chronic pains and stress, reaching top physical performance, realizing full artistic expressiveness. 

It is the peerless training to bring the arrangement of the body to an easy, balanced, unstressed, and effortlessly upright stance.

After 37 years in practice I am as enthusiastic now as when I started about the wonderful benefits of having the architectural arrangement of the body balanced with gravity.

At your service . . .

David D. Wronski
Rolfing Montclair, New Jersey
Rolfer Montclair, New Jersey
Structural Integration Montclair, New Jersey