Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recent Documentary on Rolfing

From the documentary producer:

This documentary on Rolfing involved around 50 hours of shooting over a period of 18 months. All filming was done live, unrehearsed, with actual clients. Some of them had never had a Rolfing session before and in fact, knew nothing about me or Rolfing. I have been very touched by the sincerity, enthusiasm and authenticity of the people who were willing to take part in this film - it takes a bit of courage to be in front of the camera like this.

I decided not to show results in the "before/after" style . My goal was to reveal the unseen. What I wanted to was to give the viewer a sense of being with us during this adventure and by sharing this experience, to come to an understanding of the body's plasticity and ability for change and of a particular kind of communication. It is my hope that people will be touched by what our team has put together for you…


Mathias Avigdor

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Rolfer New Jersey
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