David Wronski is dedicated to a lifelong career studying the effects of gravity on human health, well being, physical performance, and artistic expressiveness. He offers motivated individuals personalized assistance to take fullest advantage of the positive reinforcing effects of the energy field of the earth…by raising the level of balance in the makeup of the whole body to an unstressed, effortlessly upright, graceful, and balanced stance.

David was certified by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 1981 and received his Advanced Level training with Dr. Rolf’s original teachers at the Guild for Structural Integration. He is certified by the State of New Jersey with Board Certification with the International Association of Structural Integrators. In addition to seeing private clients David has been a researcher at the prestigious VA NJ Health Care System conducting research to document the benefits of Structural Integration.


I want to see everyone have the opportunity to live fully alive, excel in all areas of their lives, and effectively achieve their goals. My career is dedicated to development of full human potential and self-discovery.

After 30 years in practice I am as enthusiastic now as when I started about the wonderful benefits of having the architectural arrangement of the body balanced with gravity. This is a solid and essential foundation for top level physical performance, fullest creative expressiveness, quality of life on a daily basis, and trusty guidance for true self understanding.

My specialty is Rolf Structural Integration: personalized assistance to bring the arrangement of the body to a balanced, unstressed, symmetrical, effortlessly upright stance.

Rolf Structural Integration is the definitive and peerless approach. It is a life lesson, particularly suited for the children. It's about living well, staying young, and excelling in all areas of life, living in balance through and through. Being really alive!

I am a traditional practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration. As such, I don't mix in other modalities and stick close to Dr. Rolf's original approach. While I am always amazed at the healing power balancing the body in gravity offers for symptoms of chronic pains and stress, at heart I am most drawn to this work in its developmental potential for the average healthy individual.

The first session of Rolf Structural Integration will tell the story. The results of the work start right away, and after the first session the benefits are crystal clear and unambiguous. "Wow" is the kind of feedback I am going for with my clients.

Besides my respect for the potency of this work for freeing oneself from chronic pains and stress, I am enthusiastic about how structural balance and integrity empower individuals to take a conscious, active role in raising the level of their health and wellness. I approach Structural Integration as a transformative growth process. More education than therapy. My understanding is that true structural balance in the fabric of the body itself is the foundation for realizing your highest potential for everyday effectiveness, athletic performance, creative expression, and fulfillment in life. I am very pleased to offer Structural Integration as a key support for anyone on the path of growth and self understanding. For children, I wholeheartedly recommend Structural Integration as a foundational life lesson that will serve them for a lifetime.