Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Abstraction of Evolutionary Process
Rolf Structural Integration
The abstraction for the Rolf Structural Integration 1-10 Basic Series was imagined during my training with the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 1981. Some refinements and the additions of 1) so-called Post 10 work and 2) the Advanced 1-5 Series. With time shown for integration between sessions and levels.

Rolf Structural Integration is about relationship. The anatomical relationships of the major segments of the human body as a whole. And, the relationship of the whole organism to its principal environmental imperative, Gravity.

Both of those levels of relationship are embedded in the process from the very beginning. But, the Basic 1-10 Series arguably could be seen as placing more emphasis on the internal, anatomical relationships. The Advanced 1-5 Series clearly is focused mainly on the larger environmental, contextual frame.

So called Post 10 work in Rolf Structural Integration is about refinements from the Basic series, and additional work necessitated by life circumstances. It is also preparatory to the Advanced work.


Superimposing the concept of "Arches" (arcs) in the definition of human equipoise.

We are speculating that one view of a healthy body arrangement is based on the alignment of the natural and implied arches throughout the body. I don't know if "morphic resonance" is the right word here, but it sounds right.

It's about a definition of health. It's about applying Physics to Anatomy. The constant pull of gravity is the same on the human body as it is for any other three dimensional structure on this Earth. The body's design calls for the same kin...d of level and square in its relationships as does any building. The human body can also be looked at in terms of arches. The diaphragm and the crown of the head are prominent. The pelvic bowl. The roof of the mouth. The appendicular joints. The arches of the foot.
Metaphisically speaking, it is the presence of equipoise of the body in the gravity field that enables unnecessary bodily attachments—nay, the attachment to the body itself, as self— to be let go.
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