Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Balancing the Body With the Gravitational Field of the Earth

Such true balance unlocks your full potential to live fully, excel in all areas of your life, and effectively achieve your goals. My career — since 1981 — is dedicated to facilitating self-discovery and the development of full human potential.

Rolf Structural Integration is the definitive approach to bring the body structure into alignment with gravity. It gives you the master key to resolving chronic pains and stress, reaching top physical performance, realizing full artistic expressiveness. 

It is the peerless training to bring the arrangement of the body to an easy, balanced, unstressed, and effortlessly upright stance.

After nearly 36 years in practice I am as enthusiastic now as when I started about the wonderful benefits of having the architectural arrangement of the body balanced with gravity.

At your service . . .

David D. Wronski
Rolfing Montclair, New Jersey
Rolfer Montclair, New Jersey
Structural Integration Montclair, New Jersey

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's What I Do

I teach Rolf Structural Integration.

Not how to apply the procedure as a trained professional.

Rather, how to become structurally integrated.

In the traditional approach to the peerless and definitive approach to health and wellness developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the main goal is to train the body to an effortlessly upright, unstressed, balanced stance in respect to the tangible dictates of Gravity. Just like it is for any physical structure, there's a core verticality, all even and level, inherent in the design of the human body. This is basic Anatomy. Basic Physics.

The process itself uses soft tissue manipulation, movement cues, and awareness and postural training.

Some, recognizing the name "Rolf", may have heard the war stories from early in the development of the work and expect it to be painful. No more. The pressure and pace of the manual contact is always applied to be acceptable within reasonable limits. The client receiving Structural Integration is in charge of the experience. Nothing gained if the sensation of touch is beyond acceptable limits.

Some practitioners often use the procedures of Structural Integration to offer what is referred to as "fix-it" work. For example: sore shoulder, work on the shoulder. This is not Structural Integration in the traditional sense. Practitioners are free to do what they consider best for their clients. They are also expected to make it clear to their clients when it not Structural Integration. Others mix in various and sundry other approaches in their own professional quests to make the work more effective. Also, the idea of "holistic health" has broadened from taking the whole individual into consideration to offering a service which embraces an assortment of techniques. It's up for grabs what you should expect from Structural Integration.

Here's what you can expect with me.

I advocate for the traditional method. 10 sessions, each with a set of progressive goals. The "Recipe" created by Dr. Rolf has suggestions for where to typically work to reach that goal. There is a good deal of freedom in the process to address individual differences and needs. But, if the first session can be understood as having to do with "Breath" then it's fairly obvious that the rib cage and associated structures related to the free and easy movement of the breath will be an area to address.

The process I follow is what I was taught at the originator's, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, original school. The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. In 1981, before that institution broke with tradition and opened the curriculum to experimentation and mixing in other methods. Arguable improvements. But for me, a traditionalist, I understood from the get-go that my training was complete and sufficient. Something to practice at, the confines within which promising to lead to mastery. It suits me just fine.

After nearly 36 years following Aunty Ida's Recipe I don't claim mastery. I will say this, however ... I'm not bad.

If balancing the body with Gravity is an idea that sparks you interest, give me a call. If you want this for yourself, give me a call.

At your service.