Traditional 1-10 Series     Post 10 ("tune ups")

$225.00 per session

Advanced 5 Series*

$300.00 per session

Children ... (under 12) 



$125.00 per session***

Important Information / Policies:


Those coming to Structural Integration for the first time should expect clear and unambiguous results after the very first visit.

If after the first session a client decides to continue, a commitment to complete the series is expected. (That notwithstanding, we respect that clients always have the right to discontinue, for whatever reason and without explanation.)


During the class clients wear modest undergarments, briefs for men and a top and bottom for females. (Optionals for females: two piece swimwear or short legged two piece sports set.)

Cancellation Policy

24 hours advance notice for cancellations is requested, otherwise the full session fee will be charged. No exceptions, please.

The full 1 (+/-) hour session period is needed to satisfy the objectives of each class session. (The work is not set on a time basis, but on a results basis.) For late arrivals an additional class may be required to satisfy the goals of the session.

Transferring from Other Practitioners

Clients coming from other practitoners mid-series (i.e., before completing the standard series) will be evaluated on embodiment of the goals for those completed sessions. A client transferring in will be given a catch-up refresher session(s) tailored as needed before proceeding to complete the traditional series.


Required home exercises may be given, tailored to the needs of each client.

It is expected that each client will commit to set aside a small block of time daily and on a regular basis to sit quietly undistracted focusing on breathing and scanning body sense/feelings.

The Advanced 5 Series we offer is only for clients who are earnestly motivated to refine and expand on the results of the Basic Series to a deeper level. Applicants for the Advanced Series must successfully embody the 10 Series goals. Those who have completed the Basic Series with other practitioners will be evaluated on embodiment of the series goals; completion sessions may be suggested.

** Under 18 must be accompanied by a related responsible adult. With youngsters under 18 years of age it is very strongly advised that a parent(s) receives the 10 session series first. Having a direct understanding of this experience gives you a first hand experience and confidence in the process. It will empower you to share with and support your child during this time of significant change and maturation.

*** Students will receive a scholarship discount. Under 18 must be accompanied by a related responsible adult.

(Structural Integration is primarily a form of basic education. It is our intention to make this important life lesson financially accessible for students.)