Wednesday, November 23, 2022

 Chatting with Gravity.

"GRAVITY ACE" ["GA"]: Good day, and thank you so much. So great to have you chat with us.

GRAVITY [G]: You are welcome. Happy to be here. [Like as if I'm not [here] ... What, you ask? Ever here. Get it? As in, never not.]

"GA": You seem preoccupied? What's up?

G: Yes. I was thinking that that it's ironic to be "happy to be here", as if I just walked in off the street. I seem to be something ineluctable, constant, and ever present 
[that is, when words are used, otherwise ineffable].

"GA": I recall Dr. Ida P. Rolf speaking to how Gravity is a constant. A reference, if you will.

G: Yes, I will.

"GA": What? You "will" to be constant?

G: No. My will is constant. Constancy. Con-stance. "With Standing."

"GA": Well, then what is your will?

G: Simple. Keep things straight! Or, for you dumbass ignoramuses ... straighten the frick up! There's more. Lot's more. But, baby steps. You can't reach for the stars if your aim ain't true. So, first, straighten up, and fly right.

"GA": Constant, I get that. But, is there movement in it? Direction?

G: Absolutomento! Straight Up! [Gad! Do I have to repeat myself on that?!]

"GA": Just up?

G: Look. I'm talking to you about something which is as plain as a mud fence. Maybe you could brush up on your General Semantics?

"GA": Huh?

G: Like you should know by now that "up" needs a "down" to be up. [It works the same the other way.] 

"GA": So there's a polarity?

G: Yes, And, don't let the coming polar shift find you standing beside yourself.

"GA": "Shift"! "Polar"! "Polar Shift"!

G: I'm attempting to say there's a choice. Either to take your sense of things [including, BTW, what you take yourself to be] from your surroundings and circumstances. Or be mindful that you also have a sense of yourself in your own right 
— but to certainly please do factor in your surroundings and circumstances. It's tangible. You're always really aware of it. [Just painted over some.] Try this: Raise your hand. Alright. You know you raised your hand. Right? It's like that. It's just there to see.

"GA": Is that so?

G: Hey! Wakey, wakey. I'm what's so. Not all of it. But, a goldang big part of all of it. My best feature is that I, like I already said, I am "ineluctable, constant, ever present". And, if I may pick on a bone, something that your kind has yet to figure out is that I'm like a source. A source of whatever. And, a source to Source. Wise the F up!

"GA": Language!

G: "Language". General Semantics, bruh! Language is not just in words. There's body language. Sign language. Languages ... so many! The "Language of Love". I have a language. I'm talking to you, sure. But, I'm always talking ... but, not with words.

When you have my perspective the message I'm getting from all over your lovely planet is that things need to be straightened out. I'm deducing that from seeing all the sturm und drang being staged, with the actors unaware that the underlying problem is that they are "at war with Gravity" [props to Dr. Ida P. Rolf for that firm grasp of the obvious].

Maybe since you're going to the Library on General Semantics maybe pick up on Carl G. Jung. You may have heard how he brought to light that what you don't bring to light [from within yourself] will come out in front of you and bite you in the ass, and you'll think it's coming from somewhere other than you. Dig it.

"GA": Straightened out. You mean like living with my body balanced in line with Gravity?

G: Well that is one thing. Body structure. Yet, there's also "straightening out" in the structure of world society. How we've set things up among ourselves. Our psychology.  And, what is working; what's not. Trouble is there are some faithless, bad actors who want to have it to themselves. Zero sum, I think it's called: "Win/Lose". 

"GA": Now you are teaching about something that is not just about tangible physical body balance. But, even so, it might be something that a balanced body would appreciate?

G: Whatever. And, yes. Look. It's just sort of obvious that the world is mucked up, isn't it? Not the Real World. But the made up world; of labels and agreements and concepts. There's plenty of evidence for what I'm talking about. You yourself may have had a moment seeing it's Mashuga!

"GA": Oh, Great One! Please! Please tell us what to do?

G: Kiss my ass! "Great One!" Duh! As if I never was. What to do? What to do? 

Choose: 1. "You do you" [as in same old, same old]. 
Or ... 2. Get yourself right! You! 

Never mind about anyone else. Your problem is that you go around living as if everything is separate. Fool! Wakey, wakey.

"GA": Not much more to say now.

G: Oh, I got plenty to say!

["GA": "Gravity Ace" has just been in conversation with Gravity. Stay tuned for our next visit. Ta ta.]

Friday, July 8, 2022

The Center of Gravity


Gravity. We usually talk about that it has to do with how things go up and down. Apples fall straight down. And, rain. And, Niagara Falls. You know. Like that. We “see” it outside of our personal selves; in the comings and goings of the World. We see gravity as a Line. Mostly, from the side.

There are other ways to look at Gravity. On the inside ... of it. Imagine the inside is what’s there when you cut a cross section of that Line of Gravity and you take a look.

Oh, and by the way, while a case can easily be made on how we conventionally “see” Gravity, as a Line [that we see in a lateral aspect], another view is to see that Line extending to the Center of the Universe. Pointing. Leading. And, coming back on itself like the Ouroboros.

So, we’re looking at that cross section of the Line of Gravity. What do we see? [Maybe the simplest answer will come with the question: what don’t we see?]

We notice some elemental things.

That Line ... it’s got no edge. In fact, it’s got no center. I believe there are as many different things to see in the Center of Gravity as there are, have been, and will be human beings. Or, Nothing.

[C’mon Man! It’s just me talking.]

But, hey! Don’t get me wrong. Even as your “Gravity Ace” I’m not suggesting that living in balance with Gravity is the end-all and be-all. I just can’t help but wonder what sort of balance is needed in all the other, holistically related areas of human life. And how each of those domains needs to be settled with the soul. Within the soul.

In other words, insofar as living in balance with the ecosystem is concerned, Rolf Structural Integration is a peerless and definitive approach to human balance on Earth. It enlists Gravity. Really, that’s all there is to it.

Lest my enthusiasm as your “Gravity Ace” leave the impression that it’s the only thing to do. Far from it. But, whatever might you want to do; don’t you think you’d enjoy yourself a bit more if you lived with bodily balance? “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE?”

Also, if you want to take a look for yourself at the Center of Gravity ... Go! Just take a hint from the quest itself ... Go Within. It just might speed up the process to organize your body so that you can live in harmony with the prevailing wind.

"The world is witnessing an acute conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. On the one hand, there are selfish persons who seek their happiness blindly through lust for power, unbridled greed, and unrelieved hatred. Ignorant of the real purpose of life, they have sunk to the lowest level of civilization. They bury their higher selves in the wreckage of crumbling forms that linger on from the dead past. Bound by material interests and limited conceptions, they are forgetful of their divine destiny." 

~ MEHER BABA in Discourses