Thursday, March 4, 2021

 Rolfing vs. Yoga

Dr. Ida P. Rolf, in her own words:

"Why is yoga not a perfect answer for the modern seeker?

Although probably the best of the “exercise” systems, yoga as taught today does not go far enough. The body organized through yoga achieves joint mobility but does not consciously recognize and seek out the gravity field as its basic supportive factor.

It does not and cannot achieve a true vertical relationship. Photographs in any book showing yoga patterns will illustrate this. As a system of exercises, gatustha (hatha) yoga was a vast improvement over others available at the time of its inception.

It is still a superior system of individual development, but it is not a 'final revelation.' Revelation in any case has never been final, a closed system.

True verticality, the goal of Structural Integration, is more than a figment of the imagination. Indeed, it is very real; it is a functional phenomenon, a line around which the body’s energy force fields balance.

Again, these energy forces are not abstract; they manifest in real myofascial material structures.

Through its vertical stance, the organism is no longer earth-bound; the vertical expresses an energy relation between earth and sun.

In its own way, the vegetative world also glorifies the polarized vertical; its upward striving is material evidence of vital polarity.

Whenever life differentiates toward a greater, more complex degree of order, the upward thrust becomes more apparent and more significant.

As order evolves, a gravity/antigravity structural organization defines itself, and this basic polarity, rooted in the earth, expresses in terms of vertical lift."

Rolfing The Integration of Human StructuresPage: 289

Sunday, February 21, 2021

What Exactly is Rolf Structural Integration?

In case anyone is wondering what it is we do:

"The practitioner in Structural Integration accomplishes this [reorganization toward a more efficient man] by manually restraining the muscle, bringing it toward its “normal” position and then demanding specific directional movement of the part. Suddenly, the restricted joint moves; it moves more normally. The constituent myofascia is permanently in a new position, nearer that demanded by pattern." Dr. Ida P. Rolf